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Story of Ola

Investing can be complicated.
Sometimes even intimidating.

We interviewed dozens of our friends and family and we found out why people weren’t investing or even more so,
better personal finance management:

  •  “Where to start?”
  • “I don’t think i have enough money to even start investing”
  • “Wealth managers aren’t interested”/ “I fail to meet the benchmark of the financial advisors” 
  • “Will there be investment traps?”
  • “Does it mean my money will be locked up?”

“Yes, it’s not easy.”

That’s why, despite having big financial dreams, so many people put investing in the back room of their mind; something they will look into later, when they have the time and effort to learn.

And so, OlaWealth was born.

We knew making personal financial management effortless wasn’t going to be easy, so we joined forces with the Incubation Programme at HKSTP, Hong Kong’s Tech-Innovation Incubator, to shape the future of innovation in the region’s fintech industry.



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Corporate achievements

Corporate achievements




Developed by the AREIX Team,

We share the same desires as you. We know you want to make most of your money.

And that’s ultimately what we are doing. We believe that everyone deserves a smarter financial future and so we bring wealth management and investment closer to everyone which are traditionally the preserve of the wealthy.

Equipped with patented mechanisms and powerful AI & ML technologies, we safeguard everyone’s future and dreams by developing simple, yet competent fintech apps to help them reach their financial goals faster.

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