OlaWealth is Recognised as a potential AI x Web3 Project on Foresights News
8 Apr, 2024

We are honoured to be recognised and featured as one of the potential AI x Web3 project on Foresights News, a distinguished platform renowned for its forward-thinking coverage of emerging technologies.

OlaWealth stands out as a revolutionary social trading application aimed at transforming the landscape of cryptocurrency trading. With Foresights News shedding light on our project, we are inspired to further innovate and redefine the future of AI-driven trading platforms.

About OlaWealth

OlaWealth is an innovative and intuitive cryptocurrency trading signals application designed to provide users with high-quality trading signals from top traders and algo-trading models. The app’s six key features, including follow trading signals, analyze historical performance, manage crypto portfolios, on-chain whale analysis, crypto market indexes, and push notification alerts, are all seamlessly integrated into the app’s sleek and minimalist design, providing users with a comprehensive and customizable trading experience. 

OlaWealth’s use of advanced technologies, global reach, and dedication to social responsibility make it a highly competitive and sought-after trading signals application. OlaWealth also uses a Signal-to-Earn tokenomics model to reward signal providers with credits,

With a trading volume of over US$350 million for 2500 retail users across five major cryptocurrency exchanges, OlaWealth’s global reach and availability on the App Store benefit over 20 million crypto trading users in Asia. The app’s on-chain whale analysis, crypto market indexes, and three ongoing POCs with financial institutional clients further enhance its market performance and competitiveness.

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