OlaWealth as Outstanding Algorithmic Trading Platform – FinTech Awards 2023
19 Jan, 2024

We are thrilled to announce that OlaWealth has been honored with the prestigious “FinTech Awards 2023 – Outstanding Algorithmic Trading Platform” by ETNET!

This remarkable recognition underscores our unwavering dedication to pioneering advancements in financial technology. We are immensely proud to stand out in the dynamic landscape of algorithmic trading, setting new standards for excellence.

We will continue to lead the way in developing cutting-edge solutions, democratizing intelligence for good and empowering our users at every level through our Web3 Trading Intelligence!

About OlaWealth

OlaWealth is an innovative and intuitive cryptocurrency trading signals application designed to provide users with high-quality trading signals from top traders and algo-trading models. The app’s six key features, including follow trading signals, analyze historical performance, manage crypto portfolios, on-chain whale analysis, crypto market indexes, and push notification alerts, are all seamlessly integrated into the app’s sleek and minimalist design, providing users with a comprehensive and customizable trading experience. 

OlaWealth’s use of advanced technologies, global reach, and dedication to social responsibility make it a highly competitive and sought-after trading signals application. OlaWealth also uses a Signal-to-Earn tokenomics model to reward signal providers with $OLA tokens.

With a trading volume of over US$150 million for 1500 retail users across four major cryptocurrency exchanges, OlaWealth’s global reach and availability on the App Store benefit over 20 million crypto trading users in Asia. The app’s on-chain whale analysis, crypto market indexes, and three ongoing POCs with financial institutional clients further enhance its market performance and competitiveness.

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About Fintech Award 2023 – Outstanding Algorithmic Trading Platform

The FinTech Awards 2023 (hereinafter “Award”), organised by ET Net for the 7th consecutive year, aimed at commending the best FinTech practices and recognising outstanding FinTech professionals from Hong Kong-based companies.

ET Net’s efforts in achieving excellent business performance and sustainable growth have earned widespread recognition in the market. This award is an acknowledgment of our commitment from the industries to maintain outstanding practices in all aspects of FinTech.

FinTech Awards 2023’s Judging Panel consists of professionals of the FinTech and ICT industry, with members come from relevant industry and professional associations, companies, educational institutes, and government bodies.