Go Beyond HK – OlaWealth Exhibits at FinTech Taipei 2022
29 Oct, 2022

OlaWealth will be at Taipei FinTech week between 28 Oct and 29 Oct 2022. 

Our founder and CEO, Jason Chan is invited as one of the speakers. On 29 Oct 2022, he will be on stage and present our latest digital asset management solution – OlaWealth and share about our story on commercialising patented technology. 

About FinTech Taipei

FinTech Taipei aims to grow Taiwan’s fintech, and nurture startups and talent, guided by the FSC, the TFSR jointly established a FinTech Development Fund with 13 units: banks, securities, futures, investment advisors, insurers, stock and futures exchanges, OTC, TDCC, FISC, JCIC, and NCCC. It is Taiwan’s first public welfare fund for fintech development.

In December 2018 , guided by the FSC and supported by the FinTech Development Fund, TFSR and TABF jointly organized the 1st FinTech Taipei to great acclaim. The 2019 expo and 2020 forum gathered hundreds of VIPs, exhibitors, businesses, and government, research, and academic institutions, nearly a hundred international teams, and tens of thousands of visitors, demonstrating Taiwan’s fintech potential. FinTech Taipei will be continued this year, becoming a model for fintech exchange, cooperation, and innovation, aiming for economies of scale through cross-industry integration, and demonstrating Taiwan’s vigor in fintech, making it a hub for experimentation and innovation.