Top 15 Startups in The Huawei Cloud Startup Ignite Competition 2023
7 Oct, 2023

The Huawei Cloud Startup Ignite Competition 2023 is a global stage where startups from around the world showcase their innovative ideas and technologies. We are thrilled to announce that OlaWealth is recognised as Top-15 finalists in this Competition 2023!

Moving forward, we commit to democratizing intelligence for good and empowering our users at every level through our Web3 Trading Intelligence!

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About OlaWealth

OlaWealth is an innovative and intuitive cryptocurrency trading signals application designed to provide users with high-quality trading signals from top traders and algo-trading models. The app’s six key features, including follow trading signals, analyze historical performance, manage crypto portfolios, on-chain whale analysis, crypto market indexes, and push notification alerts, are all seamlessly integrated into the app’s sleek and minimalist design, providing users with a comprehensive and customizable trading experience. 

OlaWealth’s use of advanced technologies, global reach, and dedication to social responsibility make it a highly competitive and sought-after trading signals application. OlaWealth also uses a Signal-to-Earn tokenomics model to reward signal providers with $OLA tokens.

With a trading volume of over US$150 million for 1500 retail users across four major cryptocurrency exchanges, OlaWealth’s global reach and availability on the App Store benefit over 20 million crypto trading users in Asia. The app’s on-chain whale analysis, crypto market indexes, and three ongoing POCs with financial institutional clients further enhance its market performance and competitiveness.

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About Huawei Cloud Startup Ignite Competition 2023

Each year, Huawei extends an invitation to ambitious growth startups within the APAC region that have commercially available products or services capable of making a substantial impact in various domains to participate in our prestigious competition.

As an additional incentive, aside from gaining access to prominent venture capitalists, Huawei is pleased to offer substantial Cloud Credits and a rare opportunity for collaboration with a global technology leader. This collaboration aims to propel the winning startups’ products and companies to new heights on the global stage. 

Furthermore, the winners are granted expedited access to compete in the esteemed Top 50 Global Startups of SLINGSHOT 2023 during the SLINGSHOT x SWITCH event.In summary, this competition represents a remarkable opportunity for startups poised for exponential growth.

Competition Detail